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Interactive photography exhibition “Dismantling of Identity” Photo studio present on location to be in the spotlight as a visitor or to get acquainted with the photography basics. March 18, 2022 to March 20, 2022


NDSM Square 29 Amsterdam

Participating artists:

Lina Berov,, Romain Laurent, Nihara Joshi, Abdull Naous and Mirza Seric

This exhibition shows the work of 5 photographers who investigate, question and show the many aspects of identity. In the world of intellectual shortcuts, masks and fast conclusions, society likes to use biases to identify others quickly. But is that all we are, a reflection in the eyes of others?

_S8C9025 copy.jpg


 Jelani identifies himself as a gay multidisciplinary creative who expresses himself through social media in an attempt to empower everyone and create a safe space for creatives.   Jelani is the representation of how we ourselves, are works of art. Some imperfect. Some fractured.  All of us see something different in the mirror than the people around us... We also see many different sides of ourselves, that stay hidden from others...But we all need to learn and accept ourselves.

Come to our exhibition to see and follow his journey.



As an artist working with people I submerge myself in the individuality of my subject. Every person has their own identity and their own personality to me, every personality has its own duality. Nobody is one-sided and everyone is in black and white and in full color at the same time. But how deep is the difference between what the world sees and how I see myself?
How do you identify yourself?


This series takes a close look at three young members of the LGBTQ community and it's a visual representation of the way we get to our final form and identity. After serial interviews, collaboration and understanding the place each one is in their proces, they became the symbols of the process.

Clement - The beginning.

Julia -The transformation

Jalani -The acceptance


Clement is a transgender person, that haven't start the transition, but has started to look at the pieces we miss sometimes.

Visualisation of the start and the unfinished at the same time.

How and where to begin?....

What is the thing i miss?...

Would i be complete in the end?..

progress_S8C2257 copy 2.jpg


Julia is a transitioned transgender woman. She has faced the hard reality of her own struggle alongside the judgment, not only from our society but also of losing friends along the way of her transformation.  The story of Julia is the story of the butterfly. The isolation, the transformation, and the strength and beauty in the end of a journey. 

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