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Meet the Photographer

I find life to be as simple or as complicated as you make it.

For me it's simple.

I find beauty in that.
Things of everyday life are often passed by and overlooked. The thing we take for granted. The people, food and ingredients, a building that you pass by everyday on your way to work. The simplicity in everyday objects. 
I observe and capture the things that bring me emotion and show you how they make me feel.
I like to show what I see from the eyes of the tourist that sees your city for the very first time. The one you have seen so many times you have become bored and have ignored its wonders. I like the sharpness and feel of the "new look'' given to something familiar. I like the saturated colours life has to offer in a different view of things you know.   
I don't need my art "to speak". I just want to show what you have forgotten

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